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Charles Beynon, Full Stack Developer


My name is Charles Beynon. I’m a full stack developer, science geek, and tech buff living in New York City. My blog contains my thoughts, ideas, and experiments in software, technology, science, and probably anything else I feel enthused enough to write about and published.

About Me

[Photo: Dark-haired caucasian male, mid-thirties, wearing dark-rimmed eyeglasses]

The author at the Kickstarter Block Party. May, 2014

Prior to transitioning to development I spent close to ten years as a systems administrator and educator in a K-8 private school; before that I obtained an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Physics. I’ve been coding in some form or another for nearly twenty years; it’s just recently that I’m getting paid to code full-time.

Where does the name come from

Way back in high school (so the mid-to-late XXX0’s), when AOL Instant Messanger was the go-to communication tool, I had a problem. We had just switched from AOL to prodigy and I couldn’t transfer my old screen name to a free account. Having just competed on the county math team at state and national competitions (yes, I know…nerd), I had this awesome tee shirt with Euler’s Identity emblazoned on it. Thus my current online nom-de-plume eToThePiIPower was born.

Unfortunately, its a bit hard to spell, and sans serif fonts make it easily mistakable, so I simplified it a bit when choosing a domain name.


If you want to chat with me about one of my blog posts or coding projects, reach out to me on Twitter at @eToThePiIPower, find my projects on GitHub, or leave a comment in the space below.

To talk about job opportunities, reach out to me via LinkedIn, look for me at one of the many Ruby or other technology meetups around NYC, or email me through the conveniently located email button on the navigation panel (just click the hamburger button). I have a GPG Public key available on the standard keyservers (PKS, MIT, etc); my GPG fingerprint is 48DD 29C1 9005 8B1F C339 A021 E6D3 D77C AB23 01B9.

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