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Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2022 by Charles Beynon

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Yeah, I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time. It’s been a long struggle, but after years of self reflecting and working on myself, I’ve decided to refocus myself; and this blog is a part of that effort.

I’ve found in the past what’s most kept from writing wasn’t a lack of ideas, or a lack of desire to write about them, but a combination of a lack of specificity on which topics and audience to write about/for, and my natural perfectionism keeping me from ever considering a topic complete. I have a pile of draft posts I never finished because I was always writing the most complete article for the broadest audience.

To that end, I’ll be changing methods a bit; instead of trying for “big concept” the posts, I’ll be writing about what I’ve done that might be of interest — not to the universal general (tech-savvy) readers — but to myself or rather my past self. Whether that be my past self from a week ago, a year ago, or a decade ago will depend in large part on the topics of the post, but the effect is simple: by writing for my past self, I’ll know my audience-of-one intimately; so I can better see what is and is not relevant, when enough is enough.1

Readers who find themselves much like (past) me will naturally get use out of this content; that is indeed my hope. And I can benefit from having a repository of previous discoveries & solutions to problems, especially ones I can anticipate having again in the future.

As I mentioned, I have a pile of notes and drafts I’ve been collecting over the years that I can convert into posts, and I plan to do so as I find them useful to myself again. After all, why bother having to search Google for the nth time on problem I’ve solved before when I can keep a handy archive of such solutions in one place?

If anybody else finds those solutions helpful, all the better.

  1. Case in point, this article is aimed at myself 5–10 years in the past. Hello me, you really should read this! 

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